Why does your scrotum itch after sex?

Vaseline / masterbation?

Answers:    Mine never did / does . Maybe your partner gave you a bug of some kind ..

Tips for a 14 year antiquated boy trying to gain weightiness.?

Well very soon that I think about it, yeah it does sometimes. It could be from the tingling going on down in that. I know when I do get aroused the scrotum shrivels up and then after orgasm it relaxes. So maybe the itching is from the movement. For the record MY scrotum dose NOT itch after sex!
Just because yours dose, it doesn't mean mine or somebody else's dose!

What lube!?

mine dont I don`t know you have a allergy to somthing if your on the bottom she is leakin on you and she maybe using a product that your body doesnt close to


Goodness of masturbating?

Crabs or other sexually transmitted diseases. See a doctor. could be friction burn or simply talking bollocks

Masturbation Addiction HELP?

Mine doesn't.

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